Tuesday, 20 March 2012


We live in a visual culture. Because images connect deeply with our emotions and experiences they also enable us to engage people in spiritual conversation on a deep level.

In an easily transportable packet, Soularium provides 50 4x6 original photographic images and 5 simple exploring questions that allow the user to engage in one-on-one spiritual conversations with non-believers. Questions explore students' desires for their life and spiritual journey and provide many bridges to dialogue about Jesus. Staff and students have found that not only do they enjoy using it, but non-believers do as well. Easy to use with random students, classmates, and friends. Fits well with the CoJourners EXPLORER role. Companion website MySoularium.com allows you (and the people you talk with) to explore further the desires and spiritual journeys expressed by students on your campus and beyond.

In my opinion, it's the best tool since the 4 Spiritual Laws. -Demarick in Omaha

[Soularium] empowered students to engage in conversation...it got spiritual conversations started easier than any other tool I've seen.- Tricia in Waco

It's a barrier breaker when it comes to talking about spiritual things. It puts everyone on the same page.- Julie in Salt Lake City

Christian students love using Soularium - It's my 5th year on staff and I've never seen students be excited like that [about evangelism]. I've done [other evangelism] surveys for 5 years and I've never had strangers willing share the things they did.- Lindsay in NYC

Packet includes 50 Photographic Images, Instruction Cards, List of Questions and 25 Business Cards directing users to the MySoularium.com Web site - all in a plastic carrying case.